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Retractable ball pen



Bet on classic elegance and choose a reliable Guriatti Giulia retractable ball pen, which will become your companion in the most important moments.

Guriatti collection is an offer dedicated to those who appreciate modernity, elegance and comfort. Writing products available in this collection are characterized by the highest precision, modern look and subdued, elegant colours. They are an integral element of the highest class professional’s image building.

Writing point:
1 mm

Quality above all

The most important thing for us is user’s satisfaction. We understand how important reliability is, that is why we pay the highest attention to produce products of best materials and with highest attention to details when designing products from Guriatti collection.
Barrel of the pen is made of durable copper coated with varnish with matte finish. All this is complemented by chrome elements.

Full elegance

The pen has been designed in two colour versions: black and white. It is an offer for those who appreciate combination of classic and modern design.
Slim barrel and matte finish of Giulia retractable ball pen give it unusual elegant feel.

Bet on comfort

The pen has been equipped with a comfortable, retractable refill system. Twist its upper part to retract the tip.
Ink applied in Giulia pen is in classic, blue colour. Durable tip allows the user to lay down a precise line of 1 mm.

A perfect gift

Elegant writing products are a perfect idea for a present or gift for your business partners. Select a comfortable case and you can make somebody a nice surprise .

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Within Guriatti collection Easy brand offers elegant writing products- pens and ball pens. They can be purchase separately or in sets placed in an elegant case.

Brief description

Exclusive writing products
May be a perfect idea for a gift. They also build an image of the highest class professional.


  • Writing point: 1,0 mm
  • Ink colour: blue
  • Durable tip
  • Copper barrel coated with varnish