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Fabric paints

Fabric paints



Use fabric paints to underline your unique, individual style.

Fabric paints in six different colours:

Pink, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow. Fabric paints placed in a tube marker with a comfortable dispenser. Capacity: 10,5 ml. Due to a wide range of colours you can create designs reflecting your character.

Your own style

Do you hate looking like others? Do you have imagination and lots of ideas? Do you love fashion? Create your own designs using fabric markers. Their properties allow the user to create durable drawings and inscriptions on textiles such as clothes, shoes and backpacks.
Decorated textiles can be washed many times so you can enjoy your work effects for a long time.

Wide application

Apart from designs on textiles paints can be used for decorating plastic, tiles, walls, leather.


Paints are placed in a tube marker, the dispenser allows the user to dose proper amount of paint and make precise lines. Wait 10 minutes before applying another colour.
Cap prevents ink dry out.

Long-lasting effect

In order to make the design long-lasting use a hair dryer. Follow the instruction manual attached to the product.
To preserve the effect of your work avoid exposing to sun. Wash in cool water. Do not bleach.

Easy quality guarantee

We understand how important a long-lasting effect is, that is why we set high standards for our products and we use the highest quality materials in our products.

Brief description

Paints give your clothes, backpacks individual charakter. Comfortable dispenser makes it easy to use paints.


  • Set includes: 6 pieces
  • Texture: gel
  • Paints in a form of a tube marker
  • Precise tip
  • Capacity: 10,5 ml
  • Non-toxic product