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Finger paints



Bet on your child’s creativity and development and allow the user to paint using Easy finger paints.

Finger paints, 4 colours

Set includes four cups with paint in vivid colours. Cup lids function as stamps.

All what children like best

Let your children do what they love most- paint using their fingers! Paint consistency and its properties allow them to have a lot of fun without using a paintbrush!
Paint is delivered in interesting, colourful cups with lids-stamps. They can be used for play, getting to know colours and shapes.
Paint can be applied with fingers or a paint brush. After the paint is applied on the lid it can serve as a stamp.

Safe toy

User safety, especially children’s, is our highest priority. Our finger paints do not contain any toxic substances, they are safe for users and environment.


Paints should be used under adults supervision. Product not suitable for eating.
In case paint gets in your eye flush it with water.

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Brief description

Paint set in vivid colours. Friendly consistency enables the user to spread the paint using fingers.


  • Set includes: 4 cups
  • Capacity: 40 ml
  • Lids with stamps