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A school bag is the most important element of school equipment, it must fit in books, accessories and favourite gadgets. Content of such a school bag can weigh really a lot.
Remember that wrong weight distribution in your school bag can result in backaches and even serious problems with your spine.
When buying a school bag pay attention to its construction.

Health and comfort

We pay a big attention to comfort and how Easy school bags are profiled. The back of our school bag has been fully foam padded so that it gives the user a sense of comfort and helps to distribute the weight effectively.
Special ventilation system provides comfortable airflow which is very important especially during hot days.
Foam has also been used for padding shoulder straps. Their construction helps to distribute weight of the school bag properly, soft material is hard to wear off.
Regulated straps allow the user to adjust the school bag to proper height.
Chest strap is equipped with a comfortable buckle which prevents school bag from changing its position even while running.

Interesting design

Easy school bag has been designed for those who like to stand out and want to express themselves through a school bag.
Strong colours and patterns won’t let you ignore this school bag.

Plenty of pockets and compartments

The capacity of this school bag is 26 litres so it is perfect for school as well as for weekend trips.
Thinking about comfort we have designed in this model three compartments and a front pocket with a zipper. Double zipper gives easy access to main compartment.A water bottle and other daily necessities can be put in holders placed on both sides of the school bag.

Easy quality guarantee

We understand how important a long-lasting effect is, that is why we set high standards for our products and we do our best to use materials of the highest quality.

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Brief description

A school bag is the most important element of school equipment, it must fit in books, accessories and favourite gadgets. Every school bag is equipped with comfortable straps and plenty of pockets. Interesting colours and modern design will be appreciated by every student.


  • Material: poliester
  • Capacity: 26l
  • Size: 46 x 35 x 15 cm
  • Carry system
  • Wide, adjustable straps, chest strap, foam patted back,good airflow
  • pockets
  • 3 compartments and a front pocket
  • Pocket for daily necessities,
  • Water bottle holders on both sides
  • other conveniences
  • extra handle
  • compartments with double zipper