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Mechanical pencil



Mechanical pencil is perfect for school as well as for office.

Elegance and comfort

Mechanical pencil is a good solution for people who want to draw a very fine and precise line without using a pencil sharpener.
Just press the click button in order to retract the lead and it is ready to use.Click again to hide the lead after using it. It will prevent undesirable smudges in a pencil case or a backpack.
The pencil is perfect for noting down, but it is also a great help in precise drafts or technical drawings.
The pencil is equipped with an eraser placed in a click button. In case of any mistake or change of an idea, it will allow the user to correct mistakes very fast.

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Brief description

Mechanical pencil is a perfect solution to your house, school and office. It can be used to make notes or to draw as well.


  • Lead size: 0,5 mm with eraser


3.29 pln

*recommended retail price