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Modelling dough

Modelling Dough creative set



Modelling Dough: Squeezer Plus creative set will give your children a lot of happiness and satisfaction from possibility to create their own, colourful world.

Show your children a unique , colourful world. Playing with Modelling Dough helps to develop imagination and 3D shape perception. It also develops manual abilities.
Modelling Dough: Squeezer Plus creative set is very soft which makes it easy for children to create their own constructions.

Modelling Dough: Big Squeezer creative set

Set contains 4 small dough pots with moulds (56 g each),1 lever press, 1 cylindrical extruder, 2 extruder rails with patterns, 2 cutting moulds, 2 built-in moulds

Bet on creativity

Show your child a unique, colourful world. Playing with Modelling Dough helps to develop imagination and 3D shape perception and it also develops manual abilities.Extruding different patterns and shapes will give a child a lot of fun.
4 colours of dough can be mixed to create another ones. A guide how to mix colours is available on the box.

Plenty of joy

The set consists of elements thanks to which you can create colourful, 3D compositions. The dough press allows the user to make unusual, 3D shapes in any colour. All the elements can be arranged freely into unlimited number of colourful compositions.

Play safe

User safety is our highest priority.
Modelling dough fulfills all the demands and requirements of EU and is approved for use with children.
Proper consistence makes it easier to knead and extrude the dough.

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Allow your children to develop their manual and creative skills by expanding their colourful world to other elements of Modelling Dough series.
You can find there pots with dough in many different colours, as well as highly popular sets which can expand your imaginary world to completely new, interesting elements.


Modelling Dough can be used many times, however in order to maintain its properties it should be kept in a sealed pot found in the set. To make the dough flexible again it is enough to add a drop of water and knead the dough for a while.
In case of carpet or clothes smudges, wait until the dough dries up completely, then crumble it out and vacuum it.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Should be used with adults supervision.

Brief description

Creative set in vivid colours. Modelling Dough allows users to create 3D figures, it develops imagination and manual skills


  • Set includes:
  • 4 small dough cups with moulds(56g each)
  • 1 cylindrical extruder
  • 1 dough press
  • 2 extruder rails with patterns
  • 2 cutting moulds
  • 2 built-in moulds
  • Child friendly product
  • Non-toxic