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Coloured pencils



3in1 Coloured Pencils combine three unique features: super jumbo size, hard to break graphite and possibility to soften/blur a picture with water.
3in1 Coloured Pencils set in super jumbo size. 12 vivid colours.

Joy of creating

Help your child develop imagination and manual skills. Drawing is one of the best ways to practise creativity and wrist flexibility.What is more, it is an activity children love!
The number of colours in the set helps to create wonderful works of art, it allows users to do experiments with mixing and setting different colours together.

Super jumbo

A first coloured pencil in a child’s hand must be special. That is why we have created a super jumbo pencil with a really comfortable grip. Thanks to a thick graphite with a wax crayon texture colouring becomes as easy and pleasant as never before.

High durability

We realize that children put a lot of their heart as well as force in drawing. Reinforced construction of our pencils makes them more pressure resistant and less likely to break. Children can draw with full engagement.
>h4>Watercolour effect

3in1 coloured pencils let you play long hours. If your child is bored with ordinary drawing show them something different. Use water and a paintbrush and change the picture into a beautiful watercolour painting. The effect of blurred shapes and new shades and tints will increase a child’s interest and encourage them to play longer.

Brief description

3in1 Coloured Pencils combine three unique features:super jumbo size, hard to break graphite and possibility to blur a picture with water.


  • Material: Wood, graphite
  • Set includes:
  • Shape: round
  • Size: jumbo
  • 3in1:coloured pencil, wax crayon, crayon-paint
  • sharpener


31.80 pln

*recommended retail price