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Bet on your child’s creativity and development. Allow your child to create exceptional works of art using poster paints.

Watercolours, 12 colours

Rectangular palette of paints with a lid in 12 colours. A paintbrush included.

All what children love best

Help your child develop imagination and manual skills. Painting is one of the best ways to practise creativity and wrist flexibility. It is an activity children just love!
Watercolours are perfect for home and school. Their solid texture changes when adding water so you can create interesting, delicate paintings.
Paints are placed in a comfortable, rectangular palette with a lid preventing accidental smudges. There is also a special place for a paintbrush.
It is the most comfortable to apply paint with a paintbrush. To achieve fine lines you just need to choose a proper paintbrush.

Play safe

User safety is our highest priority.
Watercolour paints do not contain toxic substances, they are completely safe for users and environment.


Children should paint under supervision. Not suitable for eating. In case of getting paint on your skin wash it away with water.

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Brief description

Watercolours set. Paints placed in a comfortable, rectangular palette. A paintbrush included.


  • 12 colours
  • Comfortable palette
  • A paintbrush included


11.17 pln

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