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Wax crayons

Wax crayons



Bet on your child’s creativity and development. Allow your child to create exceptional drawings using Easy wax crayons.

Twist crayons, multicolour

A completely new approach to colour- a multicolour crayon breaks the pattern combining a lot of colours into one crayon!

Joy of creating

Help your child develop imagination and manual skills. Drawing in one of the best ways to practise creativity and wrist flexibility.What is more, it is an activity children love!
Using multicolour crayon to draw is a completely new experience. Thanks to combining a lot of colours in one crayon the effect is always positively surprising. Depending on the angle and pressure put on paper you can have one line in manydifferent colours. This effect gives children a lot of fun and the final result is always a surprise.


A multicolour crayon is placed in a special, comfortable barrel. It is not necessary to use a sharpener. Twist it and another colour will appear.
Thinking about the youngest, we created a special barrel whose thickness gives a comfortable and secure grip.

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Brief description

Wax crayons are a simple tool to make your child’s dreams come true. Wide range of colours will allow them to create exceptional artworks.


  • Shape: round
  • Multicolour
  • Twist crayon


6.10 pln

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