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Geometry set



Compass is an indispensable part of every school pencil case. A compass with lead refill box guarantees fine, precise lines.

Complex solution

The set consists of all elements necessary for geometry lesson or for precise projects preparation. Apart from a high quality compass, a bow compass, a device to copy line segments and a lead refill box you can find in the set a rapidograph and a mechanical pencil.

Classic precision

Compass is a tool helping to draw precise circles, a bow compass enables the user to draw small diameter circles and a special device included in the set helps to copy segments.Thanks to the rapidograph you can create ink drawings while a mechanical pencil is useful not only during the lessons.

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Brief description

A wide set of accessories necessary during geometry lesson will find its place in every student’s school bag.


  • w zestawie: cyrkiel, "kroczek", przyrząd do przenoszenia odcinków, zapasowe rysiki, ołówek automatyczny, zapasowe wkłady, przedłużenie ramienia cyrkla oraz rapidografy
  • pakowany w wygodne, dwupoziomowe etui


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