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Sticky notes

Index bookmarks



Use our index bookmarks to quickly and easy find the most important content in books or notes.

Colourful hints

Coming back to the most important parts of a text in books or notes becomes much easier with our index bookmarks.
Plastic index bookmarks are durable, have pleasant, pastel colours and they stick to the paper perfectly well and they stay on their place even after a very intensive usage. Glue used in it is safe for paper.
You can make short notes on the index bookmarks and the best way to do it is with the use of a CD marker which does not wipe off the surface and its fine tip allows the user to make clear and legible notes.

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Brief description

Due to index bookmarks you can mark the most important parts of books, texts, notes


  • Set includes: 7 colours
  • Size: 45 x 12 mm
  • For multiple use
  • Do not leave glue marks


7.26 pln

*recommended retail price