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Sticky notes

Sticky notes



Do you want to memorise or inform others about something? Use our sticky notes.


Sticky notes have changed the world- thanks to them you don’t have to rely only on your memory. Small and handy, they will help you note down the most important information and ideas any time, anywhere.
Due to eye-catching, vivid colours, sticky notes are a perfect way to convey information. Stick it on a fridge and you will not allow the dwellers to forget about the shopping list or a doctor’s appointment. It can be also used in an office to inform employees about important tasks or phone numbers.
Sticky notes are available in many different sizes so everybody can find something for themselves.


Glue used in our sticky notes doesn’t leave any marks on the surface, it can be successfully stuck even onto a wallpaper.

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Brief description

Sticky notes will help you remember about the most important things, they will remind you about events and phone numbers.


  • Size: 76 x 127 mm
  • Number of sheets: 100
  • For multiple use
  • Do not leave glue marks


3.21 pln

*recommended retail price