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Glass paints

Glass paints



If your passion is painting on glass, we have a product tailored just for you.

Glass paints in 8 colours+black contour

Set includes 2 tubes of black contour paint, 8 tubes in white, yellow, orange, pink, pale pink, green, purple and blue colours for filling shapes.
Tube paints in a marker form with a comfortable applicator.
Capacity: 10,5 ml.
A wide range of colours allows the user to create colourful decoration on glass, porcelain, mugs and other plastic surfaces.

Painted on glass

Stained glass is an unusual art form in which light plays an important role. It gives possibility to discover completely new aspects of an artist’s vision.
Glass paints allow individuals to decorate materials which are usually resistant to other art products activity-glass, porcelain, mirror, plastic.
Durable formula does not wash off in contact with detergents so you can enjoy the effect of your work for a very long time.

A little bit of inspiration

Together with paints the user receives a book with 14 patterns and 2 foil pieces.
They will help you enter the world of stained-glass windows and become an inspiration for creating your own projects.


Paints are placed in a comfortable marker-like container, precise, metal tip allows the user to draw accurate lines and apply proper amount of paint.
Cap prevents paint dry out.

Durable effect</h4.
Paint dries up within 24 hours.
Any corrections can be made immediately after the drawing is created.

Easy quality guarantee

We understand how important a long-lasting effect is, that is why we set high standards for our products and we do our best to use the highest quality materials.

Brief description

Glass paints for decorating glass, pottery, tiles. An interesting stained-glass effect is achieved due to vivid colours.


  • Set includes: 10 pieces(8 colours, 2 black),
  • A book with patterns,
  • Consistency: gel
  • Paint in a marker form
  • Precise tip
  • Capacity: 10,5 ml
  • Non-toxic product


21.47 pln

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