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Sidewalk chalk



Sidewalk chalk will bring a lot of attraction to outdoor play.

A bit of colour

Outdoor play brings a lot of joy to children. It can bring more if we provide them with suitable entertainment.
Sidewalk chalk will let the youngest adjust their playground to their own needs, give it more colour. It is especially appreciated in the city where areas for play are often concrete or asphalt ones.
Sidewalk chalk is made of soft material so it is easy to draw with it on such surfaces. Proper thickness gives a comfortable grip.
Chaclk is available in many different colours, children can experiment with mixing them. What is important is the fact that you can easily remove any drawings- they may be wiped off with water or after the rain.
Colour set is placed in a handy box which makes it easy to store or carry the chalk.

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Brief description

Sidewalk chalk brings a lot of attraction to outdoor play. Interesting colours let users create colourful artworks which will disappear when the rain comes.


  • Set includes: 5 pieces
  • Shape: round
  • Size: max jumbo


11.64 pln

*recommended retail price