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Washable markers



Washable markers are the best friends of every child and …parent. Special technology used in these pens makes it possible to remove all ink smudges from clothes or textiles just by washing them.

Jumbo washable markers, 12 colours

A set of mini jumbo washable markers in12 vivid colours.

Joy of creating

Help your child develop imagination and manual abilities.
Drawing is one of the best ways to practise creativity and wrist flexibility. What is more, it is an activity children just love!
Set in 12 vivid colours will help your child create wonderful works of art and it also gives possibility to do first experiments with setting colours together.
Another attraction for children is its delicate scent.
Classic, round shape is comfortable for children.
In order for the pens to fit children’s schoolbags we reduced their length.
The line width depends on the way how the tip will touch the paper and is feom 1 to 5 mm.

Play clean

Using special technology helped to create a felt-tip pen with ink which is easy to be removed from clothes and other textiles. Children can realize their artistic visions without worrying about ink smudges.

Safe for children

Easy felt-tip pens fulfill all EU requirements so they are completely safe for children.

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Brief description

Washable markers are a perfect solution for little artists. Children can realize their passions and parents do not have to worry about any art traces left in indesirable places.


  • Set includes: 12 markers
  • Whiting point: 1,0 mm-3,0 mm
  • Size: mini jumbo
  • Washable markers
  • Delicate scent


10.37 pln

*recommended retail price