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Glue stick



A classic glue is perfect for school les sons, work and home.

Clean hands comfort

No matter if you are an artistic soul or you are pragmatic there is always something to glue together.
Using our glue stick you minimize the risk of making your hands dirty.
Glue in a form of a stick has been placed in a comfortable barrel made of plastic. Its shape and size make it easy and precise to operate the glue. The glue adheres paper, photographs, pieces of textiles.
To make the glue go on the barrel use the twist up applicator. Twist it anti-clockwise to hide the glue. The cap prevents glue dry out when it is not used.


User safety is our highest priority, that is why we do our best to offer you products as safe as possible.
The glue does not contain any toxic substances so it can be used for everyday work and play by adults as well as children.

Easy quality guarantee

We understand how important a long-lasting effect is, that is why we set high standard for our products and we do our best to use the highest quality materials.

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Brief description

A comfortable glue stick whose consistency prevents paper smudging.
A comfortable form enables glue application


  • Material: PVP
  • Colur: white
  • Consistency: solid
  • Capacity: 8 g


2.19 pln

*recommended retail price