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EASY Venturio cartridge set will find its place in a pencil case or bag of those who bet on an interesting design.

Venturio- express yourself
EASY Venturio is a very popular collection of stationary products dedicated to all kinds of users. For those who prefer energy and intensity we have prepared barrels in vivid clours. Those who like more subdued colours will also be satisfied.

Ink distribution:
Pen cartridges
writing point:
0,7 mm

Stand out!

Are you fed up with standard, boring pens? Break the routine and pattern! Venturio fountain pen is prepared for those who like standing out from the crowd.

Bet on comfort,/h4>
Pen helps to shape writing style, due to its construction it teaches the user how to lay down precise lines.
The advantage of writing with a fountain pen is possibility to correct mistakes using ink eraser.
Ink is delivered to the nib of the cartridge, the replacement of which is extremely simple.
The design of the ink cartridge limits the possibility of ink leakage and dirt on your hands.
The ball pen is equipped with a comfortable, retractable refill system. One click is enough to retract the metal tip.
Venturio retractable ball pens contain special kind of ink in a semi-gel form in classic, blue colour. It ensures big comfort of writing and it keeps the standard ink parameters.
Durable tip enables the user to lay down a fine, precise line.

Easy quality guarantee

We understand how important a long-lasting effect is, that is why we set high standard for our products and we do our best to use the highest quality materials.

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Brief description

A set including a retractable ball pen, a school fountain pen and pen cartridges useful for every user.
Interesting colours help to express yourself and break the routine.


  • Set includes: a school fountain pen, a retractable ball pen, cartridges
  • fountain pen:
  • Dedicated to ink cartridges
  • ball pen:
  • Writing point: 0,7 mm
  • Ink colour: blue
  • Durable tip


7.94 pln

*recommended retail price