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Graphite pencil set



Set of pencils with graphite lead

Hardness: HB, pencil is perfect for writing and drawing.

Good start of every drawing

Help your children develop imagination and manual skills. Drawing is one of the best ways to practise creativity and wrist flexibility. What is more, it is an activity children just love!
Pencil is perfect for creating drawings and sketches, shading as well as for making notes- especiall in a workbook. In case of making a mistake or changing an idea you can remove the mistake with an eraser attached to the pencil. Triangular shape of the pencil provides comfortable grip. Each set comprises 4 pencils with different barrel colours: metallic, neon or classic : black and white with silver patterns.

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Brief description

Graphite lead pencil is perfect for school, home and office. By means of this pencil you can make notes and draw or sketch as well.


  • Set includes: 4 pencils
  • Sharpener
  • Material: wood, graphite
  • Shape: triangular with eraser


4.01 pln

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