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Thursday, 29 March
New in the collection!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our latest proposal: the previously known pen 4Colours is joined by a new model with erasable ink!

Until now, this solution has been used in classic pens – with one refill. This time you will be able to erase lines written in all colors. In addition, we have prepared for you sets of exchangeable cartridges matching the erasable model (2 sets of colors: 1st blue, black, orange and purple or 2nd black, blue, red, green).

Goods available for sales from April.
Enjoy your shopping.

Friday, 23 March
Learing to write pencil, recommended to learn handwriting

In the first year of primary school, the largest group of children learn to write with a pencil. The pedagogues emphasize that using it is the easiest, because it can be easily carried on a piece of paper, and every mistake can be corrected.

Teachers recommend pencils with a triangular barrel, which are more ergonomic, stably fit the child’s hand and do not slip out of the sweaty hand.

The appropriate hardness or rather the softness of the lead is what is also important – HB pencils which do not require strong pressure on the card are an optimal sollution. The pencil should always be well-sharpened – the thickness of the line depends on the thickness of the lead.

It is worth having a pencil also equipped with an eraser, so that if you make a mistake, your toddler would not have to look for it in a pencil case or backpack.