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Easy sequin sets in 5 unique colours with chameleon effect will make your dreams come true and let you express yourself artistically.

Scrapbooking, a hand made decoration of albums and cards, allows the user to create incredible, one of a kind projects.This technique is becoming more and more popular, as it enables artists to express unique emotions which accompany designing. Easy Creative set provides a lot of interesting materials which help to create their own unique designs.

Semi transparent sequin set in 5 colours:

yellow, pink, red, green, blue.
Creating this sequin set we thought mostly about users’ comfort.
We provide a complete product consisting of 5 sequin sachets in yellow, pink, red, green and blue colours. Sequins with chameleon effect. Depending on the light sequins change their colour creating original compositions.The set is well-suited for projects which are supposed to catch an eye and be unique.

Unique effect

Sequins are inseparable element for creating unique cards and decorations. Their glare attracts your eye, giving the design 3D effect.
To enhance the effect, you can use a glitter or pearly glue to attach sequins to the paper. The glues are available in Easy offer.
Sequins are universal- you can use them not only in scrapbooks or cards but they make a very popular decorative element in bags, clothes or jewellery. Attaching them to your outfit gives a completely new, individual feel to it.

Easy quality guarantee

We understand how important a long-lasting effect is, that is why we set high standards for our products and we use the highest quality materials.

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You can find different Easy sequin sets in the series- the set always contains 5 more or less intensive colours. Check, which match your project best.

Brief description

Sequins have very wide application. Initially used as a decoration at carnival parties, they are now popular among people specialising in decorations and scrapbooking.
Interesting colours make every project unique and allow the user to enhance and add a twist to it..


  • Set contains: 5 sachets
  • Weigh: 4g
  • Diameter: 8 mm
  • Material: PVC
  • Chameleon effect colours


5.20 pln

*recommended retail price