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Geometry set



Set of accesories necessary during geometry lessons will find its place in every student’s school bag.

Complex solution

Set includes 7 elements: a compass, a mechanical pencil, a sharpener, an eraser, lead refill box, ruler and a set square.

Classic precision

One of the topics worth remembering from school is basic of geometry. This knowledge is useful in many areas of life similarly to ability of using tools such as a compass, a setsquare and a protractor.
Compass helps to draw precise circles. Their diameter depends on compass legs’ spacing while writing line depends on proper lead sharpening. Due to possibility to change lead refill at any time the lines are always fine and accurate. Reliable lead fixing guarantees high drawing precision.
A mechanical pencil included in the set will be useful both during geometry lessons as well as noting down or doing exercises. The graphite allows the user to draw very precise, fine lines.
Ruler and set square make it easy to draw segments and geometry figures. The whole set is placed in an esthetic, transparent, double deck case.

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Brief description

A set of indispensible accessories necessary at geometry lessons will find its place in every student’s school bag. A comfortable, double deck case contains a compass, lead refill box, a mechanical pencil and a setsquare set.


  • Set includes: compass, lead refill box, mechanical pencil, eraser, ruler and set square placed in a comfortable, double deck case


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