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Easyliner series of fineliners will be perfect for your home, school and office. Colourful lines will help you add variety to your notes and pay attention to the most important elements.
Writing point0,4 mm
Set includes:12 fineliners

To add variety

Colourful fineliners have a wide application: you can use them to underline easily the most important elements while making notes. A fine tip allows the user to create precise lines so it is perfect for making colourful drafts and drawing contours. They are useful for school and office as well as decorating cards and albums.

Elegance and comfort

Precise tip is ideal for creating fine and elegant lines. The tip is encased in a comfortable barrel. The barrel colour corresponds with the ink colour.
Cap prevents ink dry out and accidental smudges when the fineliner is not used.
The set is placed in a transparent wallet. It helps to store and transport fineliners.

Easy quality guarantee

We understand how important a long lasting effect is, that is why we set high standards and we do our best to use the highest quality materials in our products.

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Brief description

Classic fineliner set including 12 vivid colours. Syntetic tip makes it easy to create fine, precise lines.


  • Set includes: 12 fineliners
  • Writing line: 0,4 mm


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