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Powder glitter



Easy powder glitter will help you express yourself artistically and give your projects an original character.

Scrapbooking, a handmade decoration of albums and cards, allows the user to create incredible, one of a kind projects.This technique is becoming more and more popular as it enables users to express unique emotions which accompany designing. Easy Creative set provides a lot of interesting materials which help to create one’s own unique designs.

Powder glitter, 6 colours set:

Gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple. Glitter in a form of very small grains.
We provide a complete product which includes 6 containers(8 g each). Different colours of glitter allow the user to create original, interesting compositions.

Original effect
Glitter in a powder form can be used in projects that the author wants to give a bit of shine. If you add it to paint you can achieve a very interesting and original effect.
Glitter is also used for decorating elements of clothes or jewellery. It can also be applied as a make-up or hairdo decoration.


Glitter is packed in small, transparent containers with twist off lids.
It will help you maintain cleanliness in your workplace. Transparent container makes it easy to find proper colour of glitter without necessity to open it.

Easy quality guarantee

We realize how important a long-lasting effect is, that is why we set high standards for our products and we do our best to make accessories of the highest quality.

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Brief description

Glitter has a wide application. In the past it was used as a decoration for carnival parties, currently it is used by individuals who specialize in decoration and scrapbooking. Interesting colours will give every project a unique and original character, it will boost its expression and form.


  • Set includes: 6 containers
  • Capa city: 8 g
  • Lids with a comfortable dispenser
  • Small grains


13.61 pln

*recommended retail price