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Bet on your child’s creativity and development.
Easy plasticine will help to create interesting, 3D figures.

Plasticine for children, 6 colours

Set consists of 6 plasticine pieces, size 7 x1,3 cm.

Joy of creating

Help your child develop imagination. Playing with plasticine allows the user to shape 3D figures perception, it also develops manual abilities.
6 vivid colours help to create wonderful works of art, it can also give your child possibility to mix different colours and experiment with them.
Flexible material allows an individual to make both simple as well as more difficult shapes.

Safe play

User safety, especially children’s, is our highest priority. Plasticine for children fulfills all UE requirements so it is allowed for use by the youngest.
Due to special technology, plasticine leaves your hands clean.


Plasticine is packed in a handy box with colour divider.
Plasticine for children can be used many times, just heat it in your hands to create new shapes.

Fun at home and in school,/h4>
Plasticine is mostly used in school lessons but children can also play with it at home. School plasticine allows users to create 3D models, they can also use it for creating pictures.


Plasticine is a material easy to use, children will create 3D models, figures and shapes with ease.
Colours of plasticine pieces can be mixed according to rules how to put colours together.
You must remember however that it is an irreversible process- colours once mixed cannot be restored to their previous state .

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Brief description

Plasticine pieces in vivid colours.
Plasticine allows users to create 3D shapes, it develops imagination and manual abilities.


  • Set includes: 6 pieces
  • Shape: round
  • Non-toxic product


2.37 pln

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