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Paint marker



Paint marker is perfect for special tasks- it deals with every kind of material even dirty one with ease.
Writing point1,5-3,0 mm

For special tasks

Paint marker is a special type of marker dealing with the most difficult tasks. Special ink covers the surface ideally creating durable lines in vivid colours. Due to special technology, lines and inscriptions can be made even on surfaces which other markers cannot cope with- dirty or oily ones.
Ink used in this marker is very durable, water and abrasion resistant what guarantees a perfect effect for a long time.
Apart from writing on difficult surfaces, paint marker is well-suited in everyday life due to a wide range of colours. It can be used for signing up boxes as well as making decorative elements. For this purpose gold and silver colours are worth mentioning.


Round shape and proper barrel thickness enable comfortable grip.
Ink is enclosed in an elegant, white barrel, a cap and decorative elements correspond with marker colour which makes it easy to find the proper marker when necessary.
Cap prevent ink dry out and accidental smudges when marker is not used.


A special ball enclosed in the barrel makes ink ready for use at any time.
Shake the marker well before use to get optimal ink consistency.
Before you start using the marker press the nib up and down for a while and make the nib soak the paint.
Line width depends on the pressure made on the nib to the surface.
Ink in this marker is very durable, opaque, water and abrasion resistant. To wipe it off your hands use dissolvent.

Easy quality guarantee

We understand how important a long-lasting effect is that is why we set high standards for our products and we do our best to use material of the highest quality.

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Brief description

Marker for special tasks.
Oil ink used in this marker can deal with every surface, even dirty or oily ones. Permanent marker in saturated colours.


  • Tip: round
  • Writing point: 1,5-3 mm
  • Ink: oil
  • Ink colour: blue
  • Capacity:8,5 ml
  • Very durable


5.33 pln

*recommended retail price