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Kindergarten backpack



If your children start their adventure with kindergarten, provide them with a small, comfortable neoprene backpack where they can hide all their most valuable treasures.

Health and comfort

Creating Easy backpacks we pay utmost attention for the backpacks to be comfortable and well profiled.
Wide straps enable optimal weight distribution whereas soft and light material adjusts to a child’s back properly.


Backpack will not only allow your child to hide all valuable treasures in it but it can become a mascot itself. It will also be a perfect companion on journeys.
Backpack-dog with protruding ears is designed in four colours. Friendly shape and colours will make it a really good choice for children.

To hide all the treasures

The backpack has been designed for the youngest, its capacity is enough to fit inside all most important things and it is very light.
Double zipper with an interesting holder provides easy access to the main compartment, there are two mesh pockets on the sides. You can carry there a water bottle, a cap or some small accessories.

Easy quality guarantee

We understand how important a long-lasting effect is, that is why we set high standards for our products and we do our best to use materials of the highest quality.

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Brief description

Soft and light backpack, ideal kindergarten companion. Children will love this mascot-like backpack.


  • Material: neoprene
  • Size: 20 x 22 x 10 cm
  • Soft, wide, adjustable straps
  • Main compartment of big capacity
  • Front pocket
  • Pocket for daily necessities
  • Bottle holder on sides
  • Extra handle
  • Double zip


54.16 pln

*recommended retail price