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Conference folder, briefcase



Do you like having things in order? Does your job involve contact with people? Do you make lots of notes? The Milo conference folder is a perfect solution.

Guriatti collection is an offer dedicated to those who appreciate modernity, elegance and comfort. Writing products available in this collection are characterized by the highest precision, modern look and subdued, elegant colours. They are an integral element of the highest class professional’s image building.

Everything at hand

Thanks to the conference folder you will always have at hand the most important accessories – a notebook and a pen, you’ll also find a place for business cards, all in the form of an elegant A4-size briefcase.
Milo models have handy pockets (including zippered one) for small accessories and a telephone.
A 4-ring binder mechanism is also provided, allowing for attaching documents.
In the additional pocket, for example, a catalog or a book will fit easily.
Built-in calculator will allow you to perform quick calculations.

Everything in order

The folder is made of ecological leather in black. It looks elegant and easy to clean.
The folder is fastened with a zipper so its contents always remain in place.

Easy quality guarantee

We understand how important a long-lasting effect is, that is why we set high standards for our products and we do our best to use the highest quality materials.

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Brief description

Comfortable folder with many pockets. Helps to keep order in handy stationery, used in everyday work and during conferences.


  • size: A4
  • material: ecological leather
  • fastening: zipper
  • place for a notebook, pens, business cards
  • many pockets
  • binder mechanism
  • easy to clean


109.38 pln

*recommended retail price